Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the moments after you

it's been more than two weeks since we last spoke
and there isn't a minute goes by i don't think of you
everywhere i go, i see someone with hair almost like yours
or a face that could be yours from a distance,
obscured by shadows or behind leaves of a tree
my heart starts to race, it becomes hard to breathe
i anticipate meeting you again
but then never is the face as lovely
or the hair quite right, quite as long and lustrous
even in this, a fantasy
a dream, a paradise
full of some of the most beautiful women a man can ever see
there is no one
but you

i want to hear your voice
and watch your bashful smile come over your face
as you laugh your adorable laugh
i want u to tell me to go and find papers at 3 in the morning
so you can roll your cigarette

i had a strange premonition
that when i watched your perfect little body
mount that bike and ride away from me
that i may never see you again
i didnt know why, but i felt it could happen

it hypnotizes and warms me to the core
its like a beautiful song
like the sound of spring awakening
like the sound of honey being born
or maybe if sunlight could sing
it would sound sort of like you

you are that gorgeous azure sky smiling
chocolate dancing into a million silken ribbons
cinnamon and cream
ecstasy and death

what it was like
to caress the nape of that perfect neck
and kiss that collarbone
soft as orchid
to hold that lobe of that ear between my lips so gently
and wrap my arms around your waist
and feel your supple femininity close against my body
makes a man sigh with longing....

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